An Art Deco Apartment Full Of Charm And Personality

This is an apartment situated in Kiev, Ukraine. Its interior design from Yana Molodykh combines influences from the art deco and American styles and the result is a modern space with a bohemian ambiance. The decorations play an important role in the overall interior design and accent elements such as the large painting in the living room or the framed artwork in the bedroom or dining area bring in a special type of charm.

The living area, kitchen and dining space share an open floor plan. Despite the openness, each space has its own character and a decor that stands out from the rest of the zone. Whether it’s a large painting on a wall, an eye-catching chandelier or a funky-shaped sofa, there’s always one element that stands out.

A variety of repetitive patterns are used throughout the apartment and can sometimes be seen in the form of floor tiles, on the backsplash, on the walls or even on the accent pillows displayed on the sofa and loveseat. There’s also a very diverse palette of colors which includes both warm and cool nuances such as brown,blue, beige, black, green and pink.

The kitchen is open and features a combination of vintage green and black on the furniture. The counter ends with a table extension that can serve as a desk. It gets plenty of natural light thanks to its proximity to the window.

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